Rubymine v7 and ruby >= 2.0, how use debug and testing?


I'm a looking for an IDE ruby for systems administration and small/medium apps development on Windows and Linux and OSX, with the same IDE.I need some features (debug integration, tests, CVS integration, rake, sftp integration, gems integration, yard documentation), so I'm discovering Rubymine 7.0.

Why ruby 2.0? Because 2.0+ branch use byebug debugger and I want to be sure that the solution is ready for the near future. Is someone use Rubymine with byebug in the same context? If not, is JetBrains have a roadmap for the future of ruby 2.0+ (and jruby) with same or other debug strategy?


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we do not use byebug but ruby-debug-ide+debase which work correctly with 2.X rubies.

Regards, Oleg.


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