Project created with "rails-api new" not correctly recognized

After creating a new project with:

rails-api new rest-api-server-railsapi --skip-test-unit --skip-javascript --database=postgresql

then opening the project directory with the Ruby plugin in Intellij IDEA 14, the IDE presents a "Frameworks Detected" notification stating "JRuby on Rails, JRuby fromeworks are detected in the project".  It doesn't seem to recognize that the preferred ruby under rbenv is MRI 2.1. Also, no run configurations are created.

I've tried working around this by creating a new run configuration and ignoring the empty project SDK, explicitly selecting the MRI 2.1 SDK instead. The run configuration can't be started and there is a notification stating "Run configuration error: Rails server launcher wasn't found in project".

Based on similar threads regarding the launcher issue I was able to run the project after launching the IDE from the project directory with:

export GEM_PATH

GEM_PATH=`pwd` open /Applications/IntelliJ\ IDEA\

but after the update to IDEA 14.0.2 this stopped working and the "Rails server launcher wasn't found in project" issue returned.

I'd really like to avoid having to create a regular rails project and retrofitting it to be a Rails::API project. Any workarounds or upcoming fixes to address this?

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The strategy outlined here got me up and running, but this is a bug that should be addressed:

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Please file a bug in our tracker

Thanks in advance, Oleg.


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