Rubymine 7 command line launcher doesn't exit

For some reason the new command line launcher for rubymine 7 and stays in the forground as long as Rubymine is running and prints console messages. Previous command line launchers always used to launch the app in the background and return. Is this expected?

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I diffed the version 6 and version 7 command line launcher and they are definately different on how they launch on Mac. The previous version had a check for mac which launched via 'open -a'

if sys.platform == "darwin":
    # Mac OS: RUN_PATH is *.app path
    if len(args):
        args.insert(0, "--args")
    os.execvp("open", ["-a", RUN_PATH] + args)

This previous behavior preferable to me as generally I am working in a directory and just want to open the current project in Rubymine and continue, and not tie up the terminal window.

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the change was intentional but (imho) incorrect thus I think this is a bug please file one in our tracker (

Regards, Oleg.


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