IntellJ with ruby plugin gives warnings about “not able to find route path” when coding tests using built in mini-test framework

I am new to Ruby on Rails. I chose IntelliJ(13.1.5) with ruby plugins since I also have worked with Java apps for many years for saving a lot of typing. I am trying out rails built-in mini-test framework these days and I have trouble using auto-completion feature for route paths and urls in test classes. There are many warnings about "Cannot find xxx_path' for my sample code below though the tests do run fine.

    get login_path

I understand it could be hard for IDE to work with a framework in dynamic language with built in magic. However, I experimented with RSpec test framework for rails and did not have such problem finding the route definitions in IDE. I like mini-test's simplicity more, but if IDE could not allow me to work efficiently, I have to think about RSpec again. Not sure if I miss something here or IDE's miss. Is there anyone else have the same problem with intelliJ mini-test classes for route definition? Do you get it work properly in Intellij or RubyMine? Thanks.

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we are supposed to understand such methods in MiniTest, so it looks like a bug for me.
Could you please file a ticket (with test to reproduce the problem) in our tracker (

Thanks in advance, Oleg.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.  Oleg.  Issue filed.


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