Zeus Server: How to fix "inappropriate ioctl for device" error

Hello Devs:

I have zeus installed in my Gemset. I do Tools > Run Zeus Server.

The Run window pops ups, and it keeps dumping this, over and over, to the console:

inappropriate ioctl for deviceinappropriate ioctl for device [0m [K
[ready] inappropriate ioctl for device[crashed] [running] [connecting] [waiting]
bootinappropriate ioctl for device [0m [K

└── default_bundle
    ├── test_environment
    │   ├── test_helper
    │   └── cucumber_environment
    └── development_environment
        └── prerake
Available Commands: [waiting] [crashed] [ready]
zeus test (alias: rspec, testrb)
zeus cucumber
zeus generate (alias: g)
zeus runner (alias: r)
zeus rake
zeus console (alias: c)
zeus dbconsole
zeus server (alias: s)
zeus destroy (alias: d)

It just repeats that. The text is always a pinkish color, except for the line "inappropriate ioctl for device". That text alternates between green, white, red, pink, and magenta.

I have let it run for three minutes and it does not change from this pattern.

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I'd check if the problem reproducible in console or not.  If it is that you should ask Zeus community, if it is not please file a bug with a small test project which reproduces the problem.

Regards, Oleg.


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