Keyword "require" shown in red, but application is working fine


I have a simple Ruby SOAP application (on Mac OS X):

require 'savon'
client = Savon.client(wsdl: '', log: true)
# more code

I am RubyMine and Ruby beginner so, please, forgive me any obvious mistakes. (Although I know IDEA and Java quite well.)

I installed Ruby using Homebrew and Savon using "gem install savon --version '~> 2.0'"

My issue is that require keyword, as well as Savon class name is shown in red. It looks like unrecognized symbol but mouse hover over "require" does not show any message. But when I run the application everything seems to be working. It seems to be RubyMine issue only. Why is that happening?

Appreciate any help.

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Seems I didn't check syntax highlighting thoroughly and red is a normal color for a "require" keyword as well for module name (in Darkula theme). It is very misleading. I was expecting an error, especially because there also "Unknown symbol" shown in red.


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