Show public / private / protected methods

Often I want to see at a glance in the editor--without opening the Structure tool window--whether a Ruby method is public, private, or protected.

It's frustrating to have to search upward for the word "private," or to open the Structure tool window.

Often this is in code I don't control, so I can't just indent the private methods one level deeper and use the indent marker tooltip to see if the word "private" is up there.

Some possible implementations:

  • Allow the theme to show different colors for public, private, and protected method names on the 'def' line.
  • When the cursor rests on the word "def" or on the method name, show line that includes the word "public," "private," or "protected" in a tooltip at the top. Similar to how you show the first line of a block when the cursor is on the last line but the first line is off the top.
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Currently RubyMine doesn't provide such functionality, but you are welcome to file request in out tracker
and if it will collect some "noticable" amount of votes we will implement it.

Regards, Oleg.


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