Connection error while adding new remote interpreter

Hello, i install `vagrant` with Ubuntu-Server-14.04 and install rvm and ruby 2.1.2 on it. After i create new project in RubyMine and go to `Settings`->`Ruby SDK and Gems` click on `plus` in first box and click on the `Fill from vagrnat config` and select `vagrant` init folder. Then i click `Test connection` and get this error

How i can resolve this problem? Thanks.

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If i click `Yes` i get alert message `Successful connected to`, but if i click on `...` (select ruby interpreter path) i get again the same alert message, but if i click `Yes` i get alert `Connection to failed. \n Connection failed`. If i click to `OK` button, a window opens with connection where are loading something indefinitely (i waiting more than 10 minutes)

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it is supposed that answering "yes" would allow you to resolve the problem.
And since it is not then it looks like a bug for me, please report one in our tracker (please also attache RubyMine's logs)
One more note RubyMine doesn't support remote rvm sdk yet :(  It will in next version but for now you can either install ruby manually
or use rbenv for this (but use real ruby sdk which are under "versions" directory)

Regards, Oleg.


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