How to export query results directly to a local CSV file from RubyMine

I am using RubyMine 6.3.3 Database Console window to run queries and export them to CSV
This involves 3 steps
Step 1. Run the query, wait quite some time to get results in a Visual way
Run the query to get results in a Visual way
Step 2. Click on the "File Icon" and select "Save All To File"
Click on the "File Icon" and select "Save All To File
Step 3: Wait again the same time of the step 1 to export it to CSV
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I have checked RubyMine forums, the settings, whithout any success.
I also found this question on how to save (postgres) sql output to csv file
The answer to that question mentions this command

Copy (Select * From foo) To '/tmp/test.csv' With CSV;

but by using that approach the file is save on the server which I dont have direct access to.

Is there a way to run the query and get the results directly into a local CSV file, without getting the visual results

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Hi, at the moment we don't have this feature. Please see/vote the


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