Rake fixtures not populating correctly

I downloaded a Rails codebase and opened it in RubyMine on Windows. When I try to run functional tests the fixtures aren't being initialized, with errors like:

    Field 'created_at' doesn't have a default value: INSERT INTO `mytable` (`name`, `code`) VALUES ('MyString', 'MyString')

It's like record_timestamps is set to false, but explicitly setting it to true in config/test.rb makes no difference. The tests work correctly on a Linux machine with no IDE. How can I get the fixtures to load properly?

(I asked this question on StackOverflow as well http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24369551/rake-fixtures-not-populating-correctly )

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are you sure that this is something RubyMine changed in your picture?
I'd test if everything works ok on Windows in command line first or on Linux with RubyMine ;)
If RubyMine is the cause of the problem it would be nice to know how you run tests under it (rake, all tests in directory, just particular test)

Regards, Oleg.

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I get the same error whether I run a single test, all tests in a file, or by calling "rake test" from Tools - Run Rake Task. But I do get the same error from the command line, so I don't believe it's a RubyMine issue specifically.


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