How to set up Rubymine to work with Rails on Vagrant?

Hi, guys!

Newbie here. I'm using precise64 and installed ruby 2.0.0p481 and Rails 4.1.1 on it. I managed to set up connection in Rubymine with VM and even launch ruby script.
But i don't understand how to work with rails projects.
I'm creating empty project, as i don't really understand how to create Rails project through remote SDK in Rubymine. So then i create rails projects on VM with Git Shell and download it to my local machine.
As i understand i'm supposed to add Rails config in Run/Debug Configurations, but when i try to do so i get "Rails sever launcher wasn't found in project".

Could someone help or share a link on a guide?


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it is impossible now to create rails project from RubyMine on remote host so you do really need to create it yourself and download.
After that opening it with RubyMine it is supposed to be recognized as Rails project.
As for configuring remote sdk in RubyMine check

Let me know if you will have some questions/problems.


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I guess solved previous problem by changing Deployment path like Roman said



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