RubyMine 6.3

I have installed RubyMine 6.3. I am trying to run tests from within the application.  Whenever I run a test I get this error "Error running {test_file.rb}:  No SDK specified", even though I have already set the SDK in the project settings (Preferences -> Ruby SDK and Gems -> 'select SDK').

For whatever reason, RubyMine will not allow me to select an SDK even though I have added one to the application.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.    

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could you please double-check if RubyMine sets the sdk to the project (if it is not then "Apply" button will be enabled as soon as you open Settings|Ruby Gems and Sdk).
If it is not then mostlikely there are some permission problems with either .idea directory in the project or RubyMine's settings directory.

Regards, Oleg.


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