Tweak auto-completion to not auto-complete blocks, but do other things, like keywords

Is is possible to tweak the auto-completion feature of RubyMine to not automatically insert statements as bellow:

inject() { |, |  }

I do not want to completely disable auto-completion, I only want that upon typing "inj..." only the keyword "inject" is offered for auto-completion and not the whole block: inject() { |, |  }
When I only want to write something like inject(:+) I would prefer the { |, |  } block not being completed automatically.

Is this possible?

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the problem is that we do auto-complete live-templates, there is an issue about this IDEA-121980 and there is a workaround for the problem you have.
Please cote for the issue so we would knwo how many people want the behavior described in the ticket.

Thanks in advance, Oleg.


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