Question on running a build script within rubymine

I haven't found specific support for things like an ant/maven build script - however I would think that there is a field in which I can enter the command that would kick off my build script.

What we do currently is wrap calabash in a framework with support for logging our output to a nice html report, to do that I simply have to run ant from a terminal, and pass it the build xml parameter and for iOS add a couple of env variables.

My question is, I have rubymine set up already to kick off calabash tests - is there a way through the run/debug configurations to kick off a command from the context of the terminal? I can use just the built in terminal, but having a setup saved to run my build so I can have these reports - in addition to my setup for running general calabash tests - all from RubyMine would make my life a whole lot more awesome.

Thanks for any suggestions

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I think you can try "external tools" for this (see for more information)

Reagds, Oleg.


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