Hinoki's splash screen looks funny

I am a Japanese developer. Today I downloaded RubyMine Hinoki and opened. I was a little surprised with the splash screen:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.08.11.png
RubyMine is a cool product, but the Japanese characters "ヒノキ" are not very cool. It looks funny (or ridiculous). I guess many Japanese would feel so too. I don't want to see this splash screen every time, so I would like you to fix it. Only if you remove the big "ヒノキ", it would be okay. The small "Hinoki" under "RubyMine" could prove the new version.

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I'm sorry that you've found the splash rediculous :(   We will try to not repeat this mistake next time.  
Fix particular splash is almost dead because it will be changed in next public build.

Regards, Oleg.

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Thank you for reply.

> it will be changed in next public build

Then it's okay!


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