Not seeing all test results in Run Window when using RSpec/example_steps

I have been using RubyMine with RSpec for some time and have recently tried the Gem rspec/example_steps for a project where the syntax provided by rspec/example_steps is more appropriate (

If I run the tests from the command line (using 'rspec myprog_spec.rb --format documentation') I get all of the test results:


Connecting to OPC Server Context
  Successful connection Steps
    Given disconnected from OPC Server
    When connect request sent
    Then should connect

However when I run the tests inside of RubyMine I only see the context and Steps and not the Given/When/Then.


Test Results
  Connecting to OPC Server Context
    Successful connection Steps
I took a quick look at the example_steps source code and it appears to be registering the rspec formatters correctly.

Can RubyMine work with custom RSpec formatters or is it tied to the base formatter?
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we do use our own formatter to integrate rspec run into RubyMine (to show a nice test tree actually ;)
And (of course) we do not work with other formatters :(  

Regards, Oleg.


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