Using Nailgun makes RSpec "quit unexpectedly"

We would like to switch from MRI ruby to JRuby. Since we are heavily into BDD, a fast turnaround for running features and rspecs is essential. For this nailgun seems indispensable.

However, when using nailgun, the rspec test framework fails with the message 'test framework quit unexpectedly' -- without any further indication of what went wrong...

This is on Windows 7 with RM 6.0.3 and JRuby 1.7.10. This does not happen on OSX 10.9 with RM 6.0.3 and JRuby 1.7.10. But we develop on Windows I am afraid...

Find attached a sample project with a file 'steps-to-reproduce.txt'

Am I missing something? is this a bug?

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it loooks like a bug for me.  Could you please file one in our tracker (

Thanks in advance, Oleg.

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Hello Oleg,
Filed as you requested.
Thanks for looking into it.
It is becoming critical for our team.

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Thanks, I'll take care of it.



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