Slow debugging / dropped connections in RM 6

We have a user here who is having a terrible time debugging ruby scripts in RM6.  Takes forever to step through breakpoints, if the session doesn't end unexpectedly while doing so.  That kind of thing.  (Debugging the same project on my box is just fine.)

We've rebooted this person's machine and it's made no difference in their debugging experience.  I can certainly attach session info or logfiles but before doing so are there any steps we should try first?  Thanks much...

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if you are using 1.9.3 then you could try to disable Settings|Debugger|Ruby|"Read frames from non-suspended threads"
If this won't not help please make sure you use the latest RM's verson (6.0.3) and the latest ruby-debug-ide gem and provide verbose output of ruby debugger (Settings|Debugger|Ruby|Verbose debugger output)
and RM's log (Help|Show Log in ...)

Regards, Oleg.


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