Auto adding "end" after "if". What is it? How turn this feature off?

When I type in .rb file: "if" and press "space" I get code in 3 lines:
if |


But I don't need this stuff. I just want make one-line code:  a = 1 if b ==0
WTF going up with my favourite IDE?
How turn off this unwanted feature? I'm not know how it named.

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it looks like RubyMine autocompletes "if" as "if" live template.  Mostlikely it is the same problem as described in
Try the workaround the ticket has and if it does help vote for the ticket (so we would know that we need to change defaults)

Regards, Oleg.

Comment actions Permalink also very dissapointed (I voted), but not about my problem.

You right, it was Live templates with 'by default expand with: spaces', I changed to 'tab' and all become normal:

But it was terrible.
Imagine ready codestep1.png just press space after 'if' and step2.png all blowing up without any reason.

I'm very happy, that found how change this behaviour.


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