Coffeescript debugger opens .js instead of .coffee file


I followed the steps explained in exactly. I have set a breakpoint in my CoffeeScript file:avascript file.


When I start the coffeescript debugging, the coffeescript stops at the breakpoint I have set, but the debugger does not show the coffescript file, instead it shows the transpiled javascript file:


When I try the debug example which can be found at, the debugger does work as expected showing only the CoffeeScript file. I expect there is a setting which is different but I have not found it. Any ideas how to solve this problem so I can step through the CoffeeScript file instead of figuring out which javascript line belongs to which coffeescript line.



Could you describe scructure of "assets" directory of your project? It it's open source project it would be great if you give link to the repository.


Looks like mappings is not configured (see JavaScript Debug run configuration "Remote URLs of local files"). Could you please provide test project?


I cannot share the project because it is a commercial project. To provide a sample, I stripped all the confidential stuff. When I tried it again, the coffeescript debugging suddenly worked... so somehow there must be an issue in my original project because this one is still not working.


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