How to switch between the list of tests and the output/console inside the run window using the keyboard?

When I run tests and open the run window using the Alt+4 shortcut, I find the cursor either in the list of tests on the left or in the console/output on the right.I would like to switch back and forth between the two.

I have searched in the keymap, the online help and in this forum but could not find an answer.
Experimenting with Alt/Ctrl/Shift+Arrows/Tabs/Numbers combos did not help.
The window parts are not selectable in the window switcher (Ctrl+E).

How do I switch between the two window parts using the keyboard?

Thank you.


After some weeks of waiting I got my answer on StackOverflow:

The solution only works for RubyMine 6.x and up (and of course IntelliJ 13):

1. Go to the run window

2. When the focus is on the list of tests initially, use Tab to switch  between the list of tests and the console. The cursor is not visible when I tab to the console/output, but if I use shift-up/down to I  can see that the console definitely has the focus.

3. Pressing Tab again puts focus back to the list of tests on the left.

If the focus is in the console/output initially, pressing Tab has no effect and I have to use the mouse to 'escape'.


Thanks, made my day, honestly after clicking mouse for millionth time, it feel such a relief to have this shortcut! :)    


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