Pause instead of Skip while running tests using debug mode -rubymine 6.0 -cucumber

I am using Rubymine 6.0 to write cucumber tests using ruby and am new to it.

When I run a test and a step does not pass , rubymine skips that step and fails the scenario.

This makes perfect sense to me when am running hundreds of tests and I want that to happen the way it is now.

But, How do I make the test pause on that failed step or that particular line of code when running the test in debug mode?
Is there a way around than to put a break point on the step before it fails and then step into it ?

I want the test to pause on that particular point where it failed and let me take over.


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You can set breakpoint in the step implementation (ruby code).  We do not support breakpoints in .feature files.

Hope this helps, Oleg.


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