Double click opening files, switching tabs, closing tabs is badly broken for me in new RubyMine.

Mac OSX - Maverick
Double clicking a file in the project files area to the left adds the tab for that file to the workspace, but doesn't focus to that tab. I have to double click again.
Cntrl+click on a tab and elect to close others, or all or any of the other close options does nothing.
Clicking a tab won't show the files contents, but the tab is focused.

This version is extremely hard to use.


It is worse for me.  It focuses to the new file but it CLOSES the file in the current tab.

Is this intentional?

Back to 5.4 for me.


Restarting rubymine seems to have helped a bit. I too am tempted to go get the last pre-V6 version. Last thing I need is to have bugs in my IDE - there's already enough in my own code to deal with (though no one is actually paying for my software) ;D


I don't have either of these issues in my Mac OSX - Maverick with Rubymine 6.  Did you check your Settings > Editor > Editor Tabs settings?


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