Ruby formatting not being applied to .rb file

After creating a new file and not adding the .rb extention when the file was created, I subsequently changed the filename to include .rb extension.  However, it will not show the Ruby formatting (code style) no matter what I do.  It just all monotone - no color formatting.

I've tried the following:

1. Quick Switch Theme (but it looks like this applies to project as a whole).  No luck.
2. Completely deleted the file and recreated with the .rb extension but still does not bind the formatting.  

I created another new file with same name plus a "2" at the end and formatting is applied fine.  It's like this filename is cached somewhere in Rubymine and whenever it resurfaces, is applying no formatting to it.

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas of how to resolve? RubyMine Support?

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it looks like the file considered as Text document.  Could you please check Settings|File Types if it is listed under plain text category.

Hope this helps. Oleg.


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