Content Root / Javascript file "Cannot resolve directory" problem

Hi - I use RubyMine EAP (132.498) on Mac OS X (10.8.5), and I have a (Sinatra) project with some javascript files that load in other (local) JS files via an AMD define statement.  My website root is under a "/public" subdirectory in my project, and these JS files are all together in my project under the "/public/javascripts" subdirectory.

My problem:

- When I set my project's Content Root to the actual project root, RubyMine gives me the "Cannot resolve directory" error highlighting in my define statement (see screenshot).  The RubyMine 'Navigate to File' works for files in my project root (ie, /Gemfile, etc)

- When I set Content Root to my "/public" subdirectory, the error highlighting goes away (good), but I can no longer use RubyMine's 'Navigate to File' for files in my project root (ie, /Gemfile, etc)

In RubyMine I've tried:

- Resetting the Content Root
- Adding Load Paths
- Adding Javascript Libraries

...but I can't seem to come up with a working combination.  I'm not sure if I just don't understand how this is supposed to work or what.  I want them to all be project files because... 1) they are and 2) to keep the number of file matches down in the 'Navigate to File' dialog.

Any easy solutions?  Bugs I should vote for?  Add a bug/feature request?  All guidance/suggestions appreciated, thanks all - Bruce

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.32.55 PM.png
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Update - verified by JetBrains as a bug.  If you care about this, vote for:


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