Cucumber steps formatting (blank lines)

I know this is a totally "spoiled brat" question, but I can't help myself...

When in a cucumber feature file, hitting alt-enter to create a step definition in a preexisting steps file, the new step is added without any blank line preceding it, so the steps get all squished together. It would be really nice if there was a blank line between steps, or if there was some place, maybe a template, where we could configure that. (Maybe there is, but I can't find it.)

But if you have other more important things to do, like curing cancer, I fully understand.

You could also look at it like this: if this is what people like me drag up to complain about, you've got a pretty darn great product.

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Hello Martin,

We already had issue: and I've just fixed it. You could check it out in the next EAP of RubyMine.

Thank you for feedback

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Perfect! Thanks!


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