RubyMine karma issue

I'm trying to get karma working in RubyMine EAP (132.498) to help run my jasmine tests.

Outside of RubyMine, I can run karma on my rails project in a terminal window, using node v0.10.20 and it works as expected.

I see that RubyMine supports karma via a plug in, so now I want to run it within rubymine and get the nicely formatted output.  I saw this awesome video on youtube about karma and webstorm (
and tried replicating that process in RubyMine.

I can install the plugin, but when I try to run my conf file for karma, I get an error:

"Incorrect Karma Node.js package"

What version of node is rubymine looking at? looking for?  
Is there documentation somewhere that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


FYI - My version of karma: karma@0.10.2 and Im running OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)
karma runs fine outside of RubyMine (via command line)

If I look on the karma plugin site ( it notes that I should match the major build number of webstorm (I know, not rubymine) to the plug in.  I think I'm doing that - plugin version is 132.268 and my rubymine verison is 132.498.

Any suggestions? The error "Incorrect Karma Node.js package" makes me think there's a right version out there, somewhere.



Any advice? I'm still stuck on a "Incorrect karma Node.js package"



I found the issue...

While node and karma were installed properly - and visible in RubyMine preferences, I didn't have the karma run configuration completely spelled out.

While I had the propery working directory for the node.js interperter, I left the location of the karma package blank... The error message noted "wrong" version.. not "missing".

None the less - I can now use karma and jasmine to tdd my project :)


Good to hear you are up and running.
The error message has been improved.


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