How to run capybara feature tests?

I am using Idea EAP with ruby plugin from mid-sept. I have a capybara feature test (feature is just an alias for describe, scenario for it). So, instead of

describe 'my test' do
  it 'does stuff' do

you can do

feature 'my test' do
  scenario 'does stuff' do

The file is located at test/features/my_test.rb

Only hitch is you cant hit Ctrl+Shift+F10 to start the test because when you do, it just tries to run it as a normal ruby file. If you change feature to describe, it recognizes it as a test file and runs in the test runner when you hit Ctrl+Shift+F10 except that it doesnt recognize scenario so it fails. If you then change describe back to feature and hit the run button in the test runner window to rerun the test, it runs perfectly.

Any idea how I can get this to run the first time I hit Ctrl+Shift+F10?

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we do not support Capybara DSL yet, there is a ticket about it -
As usual, you are welcome to vote for it ;)

Regards, Oleg.


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