Code Completion for Rubymotion is missing


I'm using RubyMine version and Rubymotion version 2.9. Today i made an upgrade to Xcode 5.0, so I
think it has something todo with the change to Xcode 5.0

At the moment i doesn't get any code completion support from RubyMine.
When I wrote code before an typed  the there were hints for codecompletion, but now there is nothing.

I only get the tooltip "no suggestion" when I use the menu Code/Completion/Basic...

What can I do to get my well loved code completion back?


It does function again.
I uninstalled Xcode 5 and reinstalled Xcode 4.6 again and the Code Completion for iOS was still missing.
After a restart of my Macbook Code Completion was working again. With Xcode 5 installed the Code
Completion in RubyMine works well now.


code completion in RubyMotion project isn't working again. What could be the reason?

To test this I created a new RubyMotion project with: motion create DummyApp
I opened the create DummyApp folder with RubyMine and begun editing the
app_delegate.rb file.

There is no Code Completion support, either for iOs API nor my local variables.


Then I created a new emty Project in Rubymine and created a new dummy.rb file.
The local variables could be used with Code Completion.


Please help to get the code completion in RubyMotion projects running again.



could you please try our latest EAP build (  to see if the problem is fixed there?

Thanks in advance, Oleg.


Hi Oleg,

thanks for the fast response. The code completion works with the latest RubyMine EAP build.

Great work!!



Hello I'm back again,

and have found a new unexpected behaviour. After two or three crashes of Rubymine while running an IOS app on the simulator the Code Completion works now only after the ^+space keystroke. Before the crashes the Code Completion makes automatically suggestions during writing down the code.

My settings for Code Completion are

What could I do to get the code completion automatically shown?

Best regards



do you have any news or ideas to this problem?



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