RubyMine not finding ActiveRecord, Authlogic, other Rails types

Hello, all.

I'm evaluating RubyMine for personal use, but I'm having a bit of difficulty getting started.

RubyMine is flagging all associations, references to ActionController (and other Rails types), Authlogic function calls and a number of other things as unrecognized.

Rails, ActiveRecord, and Authlogic are all listed as installed under Settings > Ruby SDK and Gems. Is there something else that I'm missing here?

In case it matters, I had previously been working on the project in NetBeans and loaded the project into the RubyMine workspace by choosing the "open a folder" option on startup.

Thanks, in advance!

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Most likely the sdk is not set for the project.  In 5.X UI is not inform you about this but you can check if sdk is set by checking state of "Apply" button.

Hope this helps, Oleg.


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