How to Stop/Escape Code Expansion Insanity

I have been using Rubymine for about a month and I have this love/hate relationship going, hopefully it's just a painful learning curve issue.
I mean, ed, sed, ex, vi, emacs, textmate, eclipse, Xcode, Ludcid Emacs, ...,  haven't made me this crazy.

How do I stop/escape crazy code expansion?

For example! I am typing up a comment

# Data asserted into the[space]

After I hit a space after the word "the" it expands to "Then do



This seems to pop up every so often.

Another example is if I have a short variable "s",  I might use in an each loop, and hit space it expands to "session[:]"


And how do I change the do block expansion?

It does this:
foo.each do

Not what I want! How in the world do I stop/escape/change this!

I prefer

foo.each do |var|

How do I stop the code expansion insanity?


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I think all the problems you have are coused by live templates.
I'd suggest to got to Settings|Live Template and change expansion key from space to tab or enter.

Hope this helps, Oleg.

P.S. just to explain do block expantion: there is two templates for this "do" and "doo" the first one is for do block w/o param
the second one for do blocks with params.

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Oleg, Thank you very much!


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