Should my Cucumber steps be colored after execution?

I'm running 64-bit Windows 7, RubyMine, Cucumber 1.3.6, ANSICON 1.60
I have the ANSICON environment variable in the Rubymine Cucumber default configuration set to the ANSICON path.

When I'm in the IDE, I open a feature file, select Run <name of feature> and it successfully runs and displays the number of scenarios and steps passed/failed.
Should the steps (not step definitions) displayed in the top right pane of the IDE be displayed in the colors which indicate their run status (green==pass, etc)?

If yes, can you tell me what I need to config in RubyMine to make this happen?
They display in colors if I execute Cucumber from a command window.


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I'm not sure I've completely got the problem you have :(
Could you please provide some screenshot so it would be more clear.

Thanks in advance, Oleg.

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Hello, see the two attached files which show the execution of the same scenario in RubyMine and a command window.
My question: should I expect to see the same coloring of steps in RubyMine as I do in the command window.
In this example the successfully executed steps show in green in the command window and are not colored in RubyMine.
Just wanted to understand if this was the expected behavior or if RubyMine should be coloring the steps and isn't because of some setting on my machine.

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Our formatter doesn't need print colored steps since RM shows them itself (on the left side of the window)
Default setting is to filter our passed tests, but you can change it leftmost button on the window.

Hope this helps, Oleg.


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