RubyMine 5.0 stuck at scanning RVM

Just downloaded RubyMine 5.0 Build 125.52.  

It comes up with a dialog box stating 'Scanning for RVM interpreters' and just sits there - no progress, nothing.

When I hit the Cancel button in this dialog, it still doesn't go away.

So I couldn't bring up RM 5.0 to work - reverting back to the RM 4.x.


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I ran into the same problem a few days ago.
The problem was caused by something in my .bash_profile, and this is what I did to fix it (I should have had this a long time ago..) :

Add, at the very beginning of you .bash_profile or .bashrc
if [ -z "$PS1" ]; then

This will exit and not load if the calling shell is not interactive.

I'm not sure what the offending code was in my .bashrc, it is very long. I will post if I do narrow it down.
In the meanwhile, making this change fixed Rubymine crashing/getting stuck while finding or adding ruby SDKs.



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