Top causes for a debugging session to suddenly disconnect? (RubyMine 5.4.1)

Hi everyone,

What are some causes I can look into regarding a debugging session suddenly disconnecting when hitting a breakpoint, then pressing F10 (or equivalent) to continue?  This happens to me quite a bit, and it's not always reproducible.  I'm using RM 5.4.1 and am on Ruby 1.9.3.

I can find no discernable pattern as to when it will happen, but it always happens after I'm stopped at a breakpoint and either try to continue (green arrow) or step over, or into the next line.

I'm sure it's tricky to diagnose the problem sometimes-- are there any 'clean slate' workarounds I can do in the meantime, to mimimize the number of times this happens?




Please attach your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. They can help us to diagnose the problem


Thanks for the help, I've attached them to this message.


I have the same issue. Any solution yet? (my Gemfile is located in a close network, therefore i can't publish it here)


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