RubyMine 5.4.1 auto-complete bugs

The auto-complete function seems not working as it replaces the wrong word.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 2.01.56 AM.png
The auto-complete result:
Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 2.02.04 AM.png

Any thought on this?

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It looks like a bug for me.  Please file it in our tracker -

Regards, Oleg.

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Someone else has already reported it here.

I'm hoping this will get fixed soon -- it makes RubyMine almost unusable for me for RubyMotion development.  Thanks!

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I'm using and I've tried the last EAP. Auto complete for with CocoaTouch methods doesn't work.

For example, if I type tableView. in a UITableViewDelegate method (tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath:) nothing is suggested. If I further type desel nothing is suggested. I'm looking for deselectRowAtIndexPath:animated:.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to rebuild my indexes?

Of course, maybe the problem is that I'm doing iOS 7 development. RubyMotion supports it, does RubyMine?


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