resolving variables and paths in partials

Hi, in my show view i have

     <%= render partial: 'schedule', locals: {schedule: @schedule, location: @schedule.location} %>

Everything works in the browser, but in the partial, the inspections say "can't find schedule", and it can't resolve any of my custom get routes paths either either, although standard resource paths show up fine. What's more, the location variable causes no inspection warning, but doesn't show up in autocomplete either.

Note that the schedule object doesn't inherit from ActiveRecord, if that matters.


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A couple of routes related issues (RUBY-13384, RUBY-11944, RUBY-11949, RUBY-9613, RUBY-13401) were recently fixed and fix will be available in the next EAP.
Locals in partials are also planned for the next version (RUBY-3056)

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Oh cool. Thanks. I'll make sure to search the issue tracker next time.

Also, what's EAP? Is that the preview version or something? I saw that for IntelliJ but not Rubymine. Does that also mean not to expect it officially in this release then?


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