How to run Thin with --ssl and debugger


I am running a Thin server and it works great when I run it with the debugger.

Now I need to run it with the --ssl option.

When I run 'thin start --ssl' from the command line it works fine,
but when I add it to the server arguments in the run configuration it does not know how to parse it.

How do I configure this to work?

Thank You!


yes, an answer will be very useful...


The answer is there is no easy way because we do not run thin server with "thin" command but run "rails" with thin server and I see no way to pass
server-specific options in this case :(  Perhaps you could create appropriate environment for this case and use it.

Regards, Oleg.


And also no workaround such a "Ruby Script" in Run/Debug Configurations or something similar?


best regards


Welll, I think you can run thin using some custom run configuration ("Ruby Script" should work here), but, imho, it is better to use custom environment since it is more "rails' ways" ;)



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