File Save As?


I downloaded the trial version of RubyMine and I was just wondering ...

Why is there no File | Save As ... menu option?


You can copy/cut/paste/rename file in Project view (Alt+1) thus "save as" is redundant.

Regards, Oleg.


It's not at all redundant!   I don't want to open the project view then find the file then copy and paste it!

I just want to write a new file based on the one I have my cursor in right now...



you should be joking, compare it to "paste from history"! whole IDE is full of unnecessary redundant stuff. It is complex as hell. You were not supposed to make a simple notepad! even that IDE has a "save as..." in the file menu. 


I want to save as my file but I'm already have sometext in clipboard. It is very bad you haven`t such `save as`feature!



in case refactoring isn't convenient for you please vote for the corresponding request on our tracker:


Refactor > Copy

That's the closest thing.

But you need to save the original file first. BUT IntelliJ saves the original file automatically anyway, so you can just not bother saving the original file first.

Caution: Do not make changes to the original file that you are intending for the copy. Always Refactor > Copy first before you start making your changes.


As on my Mac, it is only the F5 to Refectory->Copy, ideally, it is the same thing as 'Save As'.(where Save As is Ctrl+F6 on PhpStorm)


I agree with @martin . Save as with the shortcut ctrl+shit+s is pretty essential in any IDE. It's available in PHP Storm and Web storm. It should be available in intellij as well.

0 mean we're actually debating if "Save As" belongs in an editor? That's nuts.

That's like saying, "You don't need copy and paste. We have other ways of doing that."


So, how do I save as a windows batch file?


I was recently frustrated by the lack of `Save As` - easiest solution without a plugin:

1. right click on the tab containing the file and select `Copy Path/Reference`
2. select `Absolute Path`
3. In the terminal tab and use `cp`
     - type `cp `, then paste, then type a space, then paste, and finally edit the file name in the terminal


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