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In RubyMine 4.x (Mac) I could remove a project from the recent list (on the startup screen that shows before opening a project) by clicking a little "x" next to it. This is gone in RubyMine 5. How do I remove items from that list?


1) Just open any project
2) go to File - Reopen menu
3) use 'Clear list' option


So I have to clear the whole list if I want to remove one item?! That seem overkill considering before we could remove items individually. Why would the existing feature be removed? It doesn't add value to the software to remove things like this!


I fully agree, that previous feature was much more convinient
... but now I have found only this way :( I would like old feature back.


It's not an ideal solutions, but I found an answer to my own question:

Close PHPStorm, then open the file: ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine50/options/other.xml
In this file you will find a section:
<option name="recentPaths">
from where you can delete items manually.

Then re-launch PHPStorm.

Not sure where this file exists on Windows, but hope this helps.


Thanks for the tip ....

For RubyMine 5 on Linux box (Ubuntu in particular) it is here: ~/.RubyMine50/config/options/other.xml

Around lines:

<component name="RecentDirectoryProjectsManager">
    <option name="recentPaths">


This is called a regression. A simple feature, but useful. The whole reason to use something like Rubymine, where you PAY. You still are at the mercy of the dolts who make such decisions.


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