Please vote for this issue. It can improve your productivity, especially with remote workers

Hello everyone.  I'm here seeking support for upvoting this issue so that it gets attention.  I believe that ALL Jetbrains products should include IDETalk as a plugin.

The reason why is there are people on my team that use Intellij w/ the Ruby plugin.  When we are working remotely this functionality increases our performance because we can share code pointers and show diffs.  It enhances the way we communicate and makes the IDE central to our development experience.

The RubyMine users on our team do not get this functionality and thus, we have to use other methods to communicate the same things with those users when it should be as simple as right clicking the document and sharing a code pointer.

I beg of you all, please upvote this ticket and provide your feedback.  This is a great piece of functionality that RubyMine can seriously benefit from.

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