Another *&%$#%@? Newbie question...

I'm a fairly accomplished developer, and know enough Ruby to shoot my foot from several polymorphic directions. Honestly, I have no interest in Rails and want to work with Ruby strictly as a Mac command line alternative to php or Python. I'm stumped on where to even start with RubyMine. I'd like to use RubyMine for all of its features, and I use AppCode and IntelliJ so RubyMine seems like a no-brainer. But am I limited to writing .rb files and simply implementing them from the command line? I'd like to be able to debug code without waiting for an exception.

So, I guess what I'm asking for is a simple checklist to get to a command-line app. Which project type, how should I organize it, how to test, and how to run from inside RubyMine? Thanks in advance. (We were all newbies once...)

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Ping. Any ideas, anyone?


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