How to Import Rails Data Source


I have just installed RM 5.01 and am trying to set up my database window. Your documentation says the following:

You can create a data source of the required type from scratch or by importing the configuration files that contain the necessary data definitions.
RubyMine recognizes the databases produced by the Rails applications, and imports them to data sources

To import a data source
Open the Database tool window.
Do one of the following:
Right-click the tool window (any node or the background), and choose  Add Data Source.
Press Alt+Insert.
From the drop-down list, choose Import from Project Files. RubyMine automatically recognizes the database, produced by a Rails application, and generates the DB data source.

Well, RubyMine isn't doing what the doc claims it should do. When I right-click in the Database tool window and select the "Import from sources..." option (BTW, notice that the doc says this option is called "Import from Project Files", not "Import from sources") all I get is a small popup saying "No Data Sources found".

Can someone tell me how to do what should be a simple operation?


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