How to set Project Widnow fonts


I just upgraded to 5.0.1. The fonts in the Project Window are *really bold* to the point of being distracting. I would like to change them but can't figure out how.

I saw in another thread in this forum that Oleg recommened setting the system font, but the user said he was on Ubuntu and that didn't work. Well, I am on Ubuntu too, and don't want to change my entire system font for just this purpose. Plus, in version 4.X these fonts were not bad at all, so it is not an Ubuntu-wide thing.

In the Settings > IDE Settings > Appearance I finally settled on the "Alloy, Default Theme", but even switching among the various options did nothing to remove the "boldness" from the files and folders listed in the Project Window.

Can someone tell me how to display the contents of the Project Window in a normal font?


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Never mind. The fonts returned to normal when I closed and restarted the IDE.


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