No Bundler Gem Found

Hello I am experiementing with RubyMine 5 and the Vagrant/remote SDK option on Windows 7.

On the virtual machine I have installed rbenv and set global to 1.9.3-p385.  I globally installed the bundler and rails gems: gem install bundler rails

Next I create a new rails app via `rails new rubymine1` and `bundle install --path vendor/bundle`  My  ~/rubymine1/.bundle/config is the following:

BUNDLE_PATH: vendor/bundle

Now I open RubyMine and create a new project pointing at that directory, when it is done parsing the files I get the following alert in console:

4:44:39 PM RubyMine Gem Manager
           RubyMine has detected that
           some of the gems required for 'rubymine1'
           are not installed
           Install missing gems
           (show balloon)

Clicking on "Install missing gems" brings up this alert:

No bundler gem found, but Gemfile is present.
Would you like to install bundler and use it to install missing gems?

Bundler is installed already, but I click yes anyways and I see a progress bar.  Eventually at the bottom I will see 1 gem installed and the progress bar goes away.  I then get the same console output as before that I have missing gems

Any suggestions?



it is a known problem (
For now remote sdk can work only with globally stored gems :(



Ah thanks Oleg.  Could you elaborate on your thoughts in the ticket?

This is definitely bug, though I'm not sure if this is the way user is supposed to use remote sdk :(


Well (you will never know when you will have to to explain what you meant ;))

The original problem from the ticket was caused by bundler's settings on local host (which is not what we do expect),
but I keep this ticket opened to fix situation you described (non-default bundler's settings on remote host).
I hope I will be able to resolve this problem for 5.1 but it is not the final target (but I do known that this is one of problems
I need to adddress ASAP)

Hope I've answered your question :)

Regards, Oleg.


Thanks for speedy reply, looking forward to it.  Since its a VM it's not the end of the world that I install gems globally in the meantime


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