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I have RM 4.5.4 on Max OS X 10.8.2.  If I use RM for more than an hour or so, I see a small spinning wheel in the upper-right corner of the project window. If you mouse over the wheel the tooltip says "Update is in progress. Click to cancel."  Clicking does nothing. What exactly is this and why does it last so long?  It feels like a bug because if I close RM and re-open it will be gone.

It's a bit annoying because sometimes when this shows up if I expand folders in the project window the files don't show up - it says "loading" or something like that. I have to close RM to clear it.

And finally ... can it be configured to only do this update when I tell it to?

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Hello, the most efficient way to fix bugs is to post issues into the open tracker


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