Coffeescript unit testing with Konacha (Mocha / chai)

I have a rails app that is morphing into prodominately a browser-side Coffeescript app.  I have been using Konacha ( for Coffeescript unit testing in the browser.  Konacha uses Mocha ( and chai ( for the test language and matchers.  Konacha has worked out well, but since I spend most of my development time developing Coffeescript, I want to use Rubymine's unit testing interface.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to get my test suite working with the jsTestDriver suite.  Has anyone else managed to get this combination working?  What is the least painful way to migrate to a solution that uses jsTestDriver?

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Please take a look at the provided sample project archive.
Unzip it in and open in IDE (JsTestDriver plugin should be installed).
Right-click my.jstd file and select Run. You'll be asked to start a local server and capture a browser. After doing this run my.jstd file one more time.
See screenshot of successful test run.

If you need better integration with rails, please provide more info about your tests. A little sample test project would be great.


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