RM-127.67 - Javascript Code Style - Spaces after Brace


I am hoping someone could point me to the correct Settings section for the following issue.

In RM-127.67 (also recent earlier versions) the JS editor has a slight quirk which I am unable to find the configuration for.

When typing the following in the IDE in a .JS file:

prop: {
         | <----- hitting return places the cursor just under the opening brace (AKA curly bracket)

Under File -> Settings -> Code Style -> Javascript -> Tabs and Indents (tab): tabs unchecked and all of Tab size, indent and cont set to 2.

The same setting in WS-121.290 produces the expected result of:

prop: {
  | -< hitting return places the cursor two spaces from the margin

The same file was opened in both RM and WS.

Is this a RM bug or is there a setting I am missing?

My thanks and regards.

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I just realised what the setting was in RubyMine.

I  set Code Style -> Javascript -> Other (tab) -> Formatting  options (section) -> Align object properties (combo) to Do not align.

For clarity, this was tested under RM-124.524 and addresses my issue.

Hope this helps anyone seeing this as well.


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