Collapse All should not collapse the top level class or module.

This has been frustrating me for a little while.

You you use 'collapse all' in RubyMine it collapses everything including the top level class or module in the file. This isn't really very useful as I always need to then expand the top level to see the methods inside it. I used to be a Java dev and collapse all in Intelli J Idea would only collapse the methods etc. within a class. Why can't RubyMine do the same thing? Is there a way to change this in the settings?



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Hi Col,

there is no way to customize this in settings.  The behavior you is is cause by the fact that we do create folding for every class/module (in java class doesn't have its own folding).
IMHO this should be changed (though some people may be disagree and this should be discussed), anyway please file a ticket about this in our tracker (

Regards, Oleg.


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