Clean install on Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't work

I've set /usr/local/etc/jdk1.6.0_33 as my RUBYMINE_JDK in .bashrc, and added my ./bin directory to PATH.

When I set it manually from the command line, I was able to get to run through the install procedure. I even saw the icon show up in the new Gnome3 menu bar.

However... when I exited, the icon disappeared.

Now, dies with its Java warning despite the fact that RUBYMINE_JDK is clearly visible in the environment.

What siimplistic newbie thing am I doing wrong? I did not have such problems on 10.04 Ubunto or Fedora.

Thanks in advance! :D

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Further information. Running it with the export RUBYMINE_JDK on the command line worked.

It insisted that I re-install from the beginning, license and all. When I went to exit, again the UMB icon vanished, and this time I got a 'Ubuntu 12.04 internal error message.

Subsequent calls at least now work, so I can muddle along and get some work done. :D

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For me, as a newbie, it would be great if this scenario worked right away:
- Install VMWare to be able to set up a virtual machine
- Download Ubuntu ISO
- Create a VM and install Ubuntu on it, with all the standard options
- Install Ruby and Rails from the instructions on their website
- Download and install Rubymine
- Start Rubymine, create a new app
- Generate a scaffold
- Debug the app

This does not work for several reasons, and as a user, you are forced to search forums for solutions, and type mysterious command on the command line.
I would suggest you try this scenario, and help us newbies to get started without all these troubles.

In my experience, most of the problems arise from:
- No usable Java is installed; you have to find the right Java SDK and install it (which is not straightforward!)
- In Ubuntu, you normally have limited rights to /var and /usr/local, so you run into permission problems all the time; RubyMine should sudo and ask the user nicely for his/her password
- Rubymine should help the user to get the right Ruby and Rails. Ideally, you would start with installing Rubymine, without having any Ruby stuff installed.

After some time, you get more experienced, and you find your way through all this hassle, but for a newbie, it is really frustrating!

Thanks in advance


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