Rubymine hot swap support ?

Hi,am I missing something ? does Rubymine have debugger hot swap support ? Tools like 3rdRail do and it seems that IntelliJ does. My point is that I was told 3rdRail does their hot swap support via the JVM so you would figure that at least the IntelliJ with the Ruby plugin would support it . However, Rubymine does not from what I can tell support hot swap and I'm guessing its built on the same platform as Intellij/

If hot swap support is available , please let me know how to access it . If not then please clarify why not, and when you would expect it.




sorry but bump :)  , how swap support really enables test driven iterative development. I do it all the time with Smalltalk really wish I could do it with Ruby. thanks



we do not support hotswap in RM for now, feel free to file a feature request about it in our tracker (

Regards, Oleg.


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